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According to the San Francisco Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness, approximately 15,000 San Franciscans are homeless. With the stability of a place to live, however, homeless individuals can begin to address myriad factors related to their homelessness. Several studies document that supportive housing is more cost-effective than the habitual use of high-end emergency room care, institutionalization, and jail facilities to "deal" with chronically homeless individuals.

ECS is a leader in San Francisco's plan to create more supportive housing for homeless individuals and families. Supportive housing is permanent housing that includes on-site social, health, and employment services. These additional resources are particularly important for people who have experienced chronic homelessness and may have trouble adjusting to living independently.

Currently ECS operates or provides social services at nine supportive housing sites (three of them new construction), which provide permanent homes to over 1,000 formerly homeless men, women and children: The new construction sites are nationally recognized and promoted as model sites by the Corporation for Supportive Housing. All of the sites offer case management, mental health services, job counseling and access to adult educational and vocational services. The family building, Canon Barcus, provides childcare for infants and toddlers, after-school tutoring, and family literacy programs. Most of the sites house several elderly tenants. Additionally, five of ECS's supportive housing sites are for clients who receive support from the S.F. County Adult Assistance Program (CAAP) and who are eligible for housing opportunities through the City's Housing First Program. Through this program, ECS leases and manages private residential single room occupancy (SRO) buildings to provide permanent housing and support services for homeless single adults who are CAAP recipients.